About LGT

About Us

Founded in September 2014, LGT Recruitment are specialists in providing both temporary and permanent recruitment solutions to all sizes of businesses, from start-ups and SMEs to corporate enterprises.

With years of previous experience in the recruitment industry, LGT’s team of recruitment consultants are best placed to give you that personal, tailored approach, whether you’re looking for a new role or you’re looking to find a candidate.

Based in Wrexham, North Wales, we pride ourselves on our strong ties to the local community. We sponsor and support many local organisations, and we’re willing to bet that nobody knows how to recruit in Wrexham better than we do.

Through our team of proven, talented recruitment consultants we deliver a first-rate service throughout the entire north-west, and have already developed a handsome portfolio of clients.

If you’d like to know more about LGT, then just get in touch. We’re a friendly bunch, and we enjoy getting to know our clients and candidates, whether it’s a quick catch up over the phone, or a not-so-quick catch up in our local pub, The Alyn.

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Meet The Team



– Managing Director

Matt created LGT Recruitment in August 2014, and has loved every day since. He’s completely football-mad and believes that in his day he could well have played at a national level. We’re not so sure.

You can normally find Matt at his desk, directing the whole operation. He’s very much the chief of our operation, and although he does grumble his way through the day he is a big softie at heart.


– Operations Director

As Operations Director, Trish plays a huge role in overseeing the growth of LGT. You can normally spot her buzzing around the offices on her mobile phone, ensuring everything is running smoothly.

Undoubtedly one of the friendliest characters in the office, a cup of tea and biscuit with Trish is always a pleasure.



– Head of Search and Selection

James is LGT’s in-house golf pro, he lives and breathes the game and can often be found confusing other team members talking about Birdies, Bogeys, and his new 9 iron. However, none of the team would change him, he has a wealth of knowledge, especially in engineering recruitment as James has spent previous years in the sector and is a qualified engineer.


– Head of Temporary Recruitment

A talented recruiter specialising in Industrial, Engineering and Commercial sectors. Alex is a non-stop hard

worker and a great asset to the LGT team. When Alex is not in work it’s safe to assume that she’ll be out with

friends, making memories and having a good time.

Alex Foster-12


– Recruitment Consultant

Abbi is a recent addition to LGT’s team and  we aren’t quite sure how we ever managed without her. A fiercely talented recruiter with an unrivalled understanding of candidates, Abbi is the life and soul of LGT.

Her warm personality and eternally positive outlook make Monday mornings worth getting out of bed for.

Matt Cody

– Marketing Director

Innovative thinking is at the forefront of LGT’s recruitment strategy. With the help of Matt Cody, our

superstar Marketing Director, we have the skills required to find you the best candidates in the shortest time.

Matt believes that life flows more smoothly with a fresh cup of coffee on hand.

Matt Cody


– Graphic Designer

While the rest of the office talks football and golf,  Alex bores them to death with rugby chat. He helps Kay with all things marketing – whether it’s designing posters, managing Twitter, or writing flattering copy about everybody for the website, Alex’s the guy to go to.


– IT Support

Without a doubt the nicest man you’ll ever meet, Steve is the computer expert here at LGT. When your computer has shut down and you’ve lost all your work, Steve is the man to go to (after you’ve turned it off and on, of course).



– HR Manager

Tasmin is responsible for making sure everything at LGT is running smoothly, safely, and in accordance with all the latest legislation. It’s safe to say that we’d all be lost without Tasmin.


– Accounts Assistant

Probably the funniest member of the LGT team, Niall divides his time between managing our finances and cracking witty jokes about the rest of the team. When you’re feeling stressed on a busy day, Niall is always on hand to make us all laugh.