When it comes to recruiting the best talent, there’s no shortcut for hard work, determination, and knowledge.

Whether you’re a huge corporation undergoing planned expansion or a small business taking on your first member of staff, there are some key values that remain the same.


Whilst most recruitment agencies are happy to simply fill the role that’s advertised, we’re committed to finding you the candidate that has all of these values.


Finding the right candidate with these values is something that can only be achieved with hard work, persistence, and a substantial understanding of the area in which you’re operating.


We’ll happily bet you right now that there isn’t a recruitment agency in the UK with the level of knowledge, understanding, and connections that we have in Wrexham and the north-west. Think of your perfect candidate and ask yourself which recruitment agency could connect with that candidate? You’re right, it’s LGT.


When it comes to clients, we believe in a relationship that is simple, honest, and transparent. It’s simple really, we’ve found that building our relationships on a mutual trust and respect for one another leads to a happy client, and a happy LGT team.


We offer a service that has delivered key talent time and time again, and we’re certain it can work for you too. However, we can provide a bespoke recruitment solution tailored just for your company if necessary. Get in touch with our team today, and see how LGT can help your business grow.


Through our partnership with the Bluestones Group, we can offer a recruitment solution for any industry, whether you’re hiring for an entry-level position or your next CEO.

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