Five Ways Recruitment Will Change in 2016

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21 Jan Five Ways Recruitment Will Change in 2016


Ask any experienced recruiter about their success, and they’ll be sure to tell you that they have had to change with the times. Recruitment isn’t an industry that allows for stubbornness, and recruiters who refuse to adapt and modernise are often left in the dark.


There are key values that remain consistent, but the approach that recruiters take must move with the times.


For 2015, this approach moved even further into the digital world. LinkedIn told us that 72% of their job seekers had visited a company website from their device, and 45% had gone on to apply for a position from their device.

By following the digital trend, recruiters were able to place over 634,000 people being placed into roles in the UK. In fact, according to the latest annual report from the REC 2015 was the best year to date for recruiters.

If 2016 is to be as successful as 2015, it’s important that we spot changing trends early, allowing us to recognise how candidates are searching for jobs and reach the best talent quickly.

After much consultation with our recruitment team, here’s five ways we expect the recruitment industry may change in 2016.


1. Recruiters will work even more closely with marketing departments

As recruiters become ever more reliant on their brand’s pulling power, it’s the marketing department that is the most useful. Given that the amount spent on branding has risen significantly over the past two years, we can expect this to continue into 2016. We believe most of this spend will follow the trend of 2015, and be directed toward online and social media marketing. This is important for one simple reason; the most engaging and beautiful brand will continue to attract the best talent.


2. There will be even greater competition for candidates

Throughout 2015, it became apparent that finding talented candidates was no longer as difficult as it used to be. A talented consultant working intelligently could find a moderate amount in a short space of time, but finding the successful candidates became more difficult.

Due to the high number of candidates still looking for work, as well as increasing job mobility in many industries, it’s more important than ever that recruiters can deliver candidates that satisfy their clients requirements. If one thing is for sure, it’s that recruiters who supply ‘almost good enough’ candidates won’t do well in 2016.


3. Shorter, snappier recruitment will become the norm

As the generation raised on Twitter and Sky Movies has grown up recruitment has had to become ever more efficient in how it attracts talent. Gone are the days when candidates would happily read a 750-word job description. The number of recruiters went up 7% in 2015, and competition has never been so high. The most successful recruiters in 2016 will be the ones who can grab a candidates’ attention in under 140 characters.


4. Specialist and local recruiters will gain ground

As employee retention has become a top priority for employers, the thought of hiring an ill-fitting or underqualified member of staff is the worst case scenario. It means that the company has to repeat the whole process, and the financial setback of this can be severe.

This has meant that national job-boards are suffering, as employers increasingly look toward specialist, niche recruitment agencies who are a safer bet when it comes to recruiting in a particular area or industry.

Here at LGT, we saw a considerable rise in the number of national companies who either approached or enlisted us to recruit in Wrexham and the north-west. Our understanding of the local market meant that we could deliver better results than any nondescript national forum. It’s a trend that we can see continuing throughout 2016.


5. Candidate referrals will become even more important

Candidate referrals had taken a bit of a back seat with the dawn of huge multi-national recruitment companies in previous years. It didn’t make too much of a difference to these companies where they got their candidates from.

With the resurgence of local, specialist agencies however, candidate referrals are more important than ever. These agencies are delivering an excellent candidate service, and every referral matters.


Final Thoughts

So there you have it; our five predictions for the recruitment industry in 2016! We’ll be sure to visit these again in 2017 and see how correct (or mistaken) we turned out to be. What do you think of our 2016 recruitment predictions?

If you’re on the lookout for a specialist recruitment agency in Wrexham, Flintshire and the north-west; then LGT are here for you! We know Wrexham, Flintshire and Chester better than anybody else, and we pride ourselves on being able to provide the very best candidates there.

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